Guided meditations

The best Guided Meditations for beginners and experienced meditators are personalized meditations for your ears only… You will feel the cosmic connection, power and energetic purity by the guiding voice…


best guided meditationsMeditations

Every meditation is a gift of love and respect to your self. Only made for you, so only the best possible meditation for you. You can rely on the most pure intensity of recording your meditation.

You can choose your prefered meditation(s):

  • Inner feelings  (your inner compass), helps you to go through life and find the answers to all your guestions.
  • Inner child meditation, this is for your personal healing.
  • Chakra meditation, helps to balance your chakras
  • Stress meditation, helps to release your daily stress
  • Relaxation meditation for anxiety, helps to deal with your fears
  • Relaxation meditation, to relax every moment of the day wherever you are
  • Sleep meditation, creates peace in yourself so you are able to fall a sleep

When there is a need for a non listed meditation, you always ask if there is an ability to make a specific recording. Every meditation is unique…


Before the recording we communicate by mail or WhatsApp. We always have a few questions about the expectations of your guided meditation and your personal well being.

Than the meditator goes in two meditation sessions. The First session is a walking meditation to connect with you and feel what chakra is your connection point. The Second meditation is one in the upright sitting position to feel you and the required frequentie. After while when connecting is there.


When your meditator is in connection with you the recording can start for your unique meditation… This will mostly take more than one hour to finalize the recording. The recording is without music in the background.


After recording your meditation will be send to you by mail. In the mail you also receive a few links to YouTube page where you find specific frequency music that you can listen in addition to the meditation. Most people prefer to meditate without the music in the background.

From ordering till the final recording it can take a few weeks. This is not work that can be done by everyone. The moment of recording is very specific as is the connection made with you.

Frequency music

The recording is send by WhatsApp and mail via WeTransfer. With the mail you receive also you tube links for frequence music that can be playd in the background while listening to your meditation.



When listening to your personal meditation we recommend to listen with ear plugs (in ear). The meditation will be more intens listening this way.

Pricing guided meditations

The price for every personalized guided meditation is $ 125,- and can be paid by PayPal or CreditCard.


When ordering it is very important to mention for who you are buying the meditation.

You can order your personalized guided meditation(s) by filling out the form.