Guided meditations

Guided Meditations  are personalized meditations for your ears only… You will feel the cosmic connection, power and energetic purity by the guiding voice…

Namasté, Inge

guided meditationsMeditations

You can choose your prefered guided meditation(s):

  • Inner feelings  (your inner compass)
  • Inner child meditation
  • Chakra meditation
  • Stress meditation
  • Relaxation meditation for anxiety
  • Relaxation meditation
  • Sleep meditation


Before the recording we communicate by mail. I always have a few questions about the expectations of your guided meditation.

Than I go in two meditation sessions. The First session is a walking meditation to connect with you and feel what chakra is your connection point. The Second meditation is one in the upright sitting position to feel you and the required frequentie.


When I am in connection with you the recording can start for your unique guided meditation…


After recording your meditation will be send to you by mail.


The price for every personalized guided meditation is $ 125,- and can be paid by PayPal or CreditCard.


You can order your personalized guided meditation(s) by filling out the form.